Dredging Day-2018: USPA Presented to International and Ukrainian Companies Current Dredging Projects in the Ports

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Posted October 30, 2018

SE “Administration of the seaports of Ukraine” on October 22 held in Odessa Dredging day-2018. To the representatives of 10 foreign and Ukrainian companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, China and Ukraine were presented projects of capital and operational dredging in Ukrainian ports, canals and inland waterways, the realization of which will start in 2019 and will continue in the next few years. The total amount of work on the submitted projects is 16.335 million m3.

“Conducting of the capital and operational dredging in the ports is one of the main tasks that the state put for USPA. In the past two years, we have managed to ensure that the world’s leading companies began to participate in tenders for the capital dredging in Ukrainian ports. This allowed us to achieve savings on the capital dredging projects in the ports of Yuzhniy and Chernomorsk in the amount of more than 400 million UAH,” said the head of the USPA, Raivis Veckagans.

According to his words, in 2019 the implementation of large capital projects in the ports of Yuzhniy and Chernomorsk will be continued. At the same time, more than 50% of the planned capacity for implementation fall at the operational dredging. “Dredging Day is aimed at establishing an open dialogue with potential contractors. Our goal is to ensure transparency of the upcoming competitions, to attract the maximum number of participants to participate in them.

We provide all the necessary information so that the dredging companies can plan their work and take into account the projects of the USPA in the Ukrainian ports when mobilizing and redeploying their dredging fleet in 2019,”the head of the USPA stressed. Also, experts of USPA are ready to provide all the necessary information on the preparation of documents for that all companies that submitted applications for participation in competitions could take part in them.

The planned scope of work on projects that submitted to potential contractors is 16.335 million m3, which is in two times higher than in the current year. Dredging Projects in the ports were presented by the heads of branch offices of the USPA, which told the participants of meeting about the specifics of work in each of the water areas.

In 2019, the next stages of capital dredging planned in the ports of Chernomorsk and Yuzhny. According to the project for reconstruction of the operating area of the 1st bucket of the Dry Estuary of the Illichevsky branch office of the USPA with an increase the depth up to 15 m (4-5 construction lines) the scope of work is 1,115 million m3. The planned term of realization is 4 months.

Within the framework of the reconstruction of water approaches, maneuvering areas and operational water areas, taking into account the prospective cargo turnover of the Yuzhny seaport (the first stage of construction. The second and fourth launch complexes) the scope of work will be 6.339 million m3. The term of realization is 21 months.

Projects to maintain passport depths proposed to the participants of Dredging day-2018 will be carried out in the ports of Kherson, Reni, Izmail, Odessa, Berdiansk, Mariupol, as well as on the Bugsko-Dneprovsko-Limansky channel; Kiev, Kamensky, Kanevsky, Kremenchugsky, Dneprodzerzhinsky, Dnieper and Kakhovsky reservoirs. The planned scope of operational dredging in seaports, canals and inland waterways is 8.88 million m3.

Representatives of the Dutch companies such as Jan De Nul nv, Van Oord, Royal Boskalis Westminster, of the Belgian company Deme, of the China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd, of the Danish company Rohde Nielsen, of the Ukrainian companies such as “Specialized technical bureau Azimuth” LLC “Ukrstroyservis”, LLC “Tis –Hydrotechnic”, LLC “Complex-Delta” took part in the Dredging Day-2018, organized by the Ukrainian Sea Port Authority.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News