The Port of Douala Acquires Two Dredgers to Clean Choked Channel

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Posted October 9, 2018

The port authority announced it found ways to solve the channel dredging issue that is a considerable burden on the resources of the Douala Autonomous Port (PAD). “With support from the Government, two dredgers are being acquired. A 3000 m3 operating suction dredger and a stationary suction dredger. In addition to these new acquisitions, the multi-purpose dredger Chantal Biya is being rehabilitated at the Industrial Shipyard” said Cyrus Ngo'o, PAD’s MD. According to him, the institution should control the operation of the port community and generate significant profits.

The current platform was built in 1980 and sized to handle an annual traffic of about seven million tons of cargo. However, this capacity is far exceeded, since it currently handles about twelve million tons of goods.

Since 1980, said Cyrus Ngo'o, there has been no major investment to increase ship handling and cargo handling capacity. As well, there has been a significant deterioration in port infrastructures and superstructures, the occupation of some quays by shipwrecks, the siltation of water bodies as well as quay feet and docks. Is also listed the uncontrolled occupation of the public port domain, the dilapidation of the real estate assets of the Autonomous Port of Douala, etc.

Source: Business In Cameroon