KIASMA Barrier Security and Defence

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Posted October 3, 2018

Scientific progress for any nation is measured by its ability to keep pace with scientific development.

There is no progress without scientific research and technology.

Kiasma Group continues this process of progress and development of technologies and products, in a research and development program capable to produce innovation in the from of improved technology.

Working in collaboration with highly specialized Engineers in the Marine Sector, in synergy with Universities, Researchers, Petrochemical Laboratories Producers of high technological value polymers, Designers, Hydraulic Physicists; Kiasma Group has implemented an application of floats utilization that once applied to HDPE pipes, constitutes a safety barrier (KSB) and more a safety barrier and defense (KSDB).

The KSB & KSDB safety barriers consist in a several floats coupled together, mounted on HDPE pipes that allow a free rotation of 360°.

The floats are connected to from a safety barrier of any desired length.

The anchor points are established at intervals of about 50mt.

The floats are supplied with a corrugated external surface highly resistant to loads and (or) equipped with a series of shaped tips to adapt to the particular threat.

The floats that compose the barrier are filled with closed cell polyurethane foam making the barrier unsinkable, even if perforated by physical damage such as bullet holes or impacts caused by boats.

Since the floats are rotating and the tips are made of stainless steel, intruders are not given the opportunity to climb over them.

The KSB and KSDB barriers may resist impacts of 25/28 tons.

All the materials that compose it have a long-term lifetime in sea water.

KSB and KSDB barriers are produced to meet the needs for:

h. waves 1,5mt.

Tides obout 2mt.

Metal parts in stainless steel AISI 316

h. barrier in the free part of 1,45 mt. and with offense points 1,65mt.

The KSB and KSDB barriers can be applied to Maritime security both governmental and private as:

Military Navi

Terminal GNL

OIL Navi

Military Bases

Nuclear Power Plants


Maritime Worksite protection