Lake Cathie Dredging To Commence

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Posted May 15, 2018

The dredging of Lake Cathie will commence in coming weeks to address the build-up of sand in the main channel of the lake, and to ensure the lake is safe, healthy and able to be enjoyed by all.

Approximately 21,000 cubic metres of sand will be dredged, and relocated to the edge of Foreshore Reserve to reclaim open space that has been lost to erosion in recent years. Sand will also be relocated for beach replenishment along approximately 400m of the beach, fronting Illaroo Rd.

In late 2017, Council applied to the NSW Government for approval to dredge Lake Cathie, east of Ocean Drive, and in January 2018 funding of $175,000 was secured to complete the dredging.

Council then completed a detailed environmental review to ensure minimal harm to the environment. $175,000 will also be contributed by Council to undertake the $350,000 program of work.

Dredging is expected to take approximately 7 weeks to complete (weather permitting), with Council’s appointed contractor, National Dredging Solutions bringing in the required machinery from Tuesday 15 May.

There will be a week of preparation so that the dredging machinery and equipment can be carefully positioned, and during this preparation stage, sections of the Foreshore Reserve car park will be closed to ensure public safety.

Dredging is expected to commence on Monday 21 May.

“Lake Cathie is an extremely sensitive environmental area, and it’s great that dredging can finally get underway now we have all the required approvals and appointed a dredging contractor,” said Acting Director Dan Croft.

“It has been a long process to secure an appropriate contractor to complete the work and to ensure that all the necessary licences and approvals from the various different government departments and agencies were in order.

“The lake is an iconic community space, and protecting it for future generations is of the highest priority,” Mr Croft said.

The current lake level is close to the normal opening trigger level but while the dredging works are underway, and for a short period afterwards, the lake needs to remain closed.

Council will keep a close eye on the water level and be monitoring the lake closely, however if a lot of rainfall is received in the near future, dredging may need to cease, and the lake may need to be opened.

The community are still able to use the lake during dredging, however to ensure public safety, access to certain areas may be restricted. The community are asked to obey all signage and exercise caution.

The amount of sand to be moved equates to filling around eight and a half Olympic swimming pools, so we appreciate the community’s patience and care around the site,” added Mr Croft.

Source: Port Macquarie-Hastings