WASSP Showcases Multibeam Sonar Technology at Danish Ports Conference

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Posted April 29, 2018

WASSP, the professional multibeam sounder manufacturer, showcased its next-generation sonar solution to conference delegates at this year’s Danish Ports Conference. The WASSP multibeam sounder delivers water column and seabed profiling with 224 beams, offering significant improvements in speed and accuracy over conventional single-beam echo sounders. WASSP’s multibeam sonar represents ground-breaking technology that places the New Zealand-based company at the forefront of marine electronics development and research.

WASSP is attractive for smaller ports who usually pay periodically to hire a survey company to do a survey of the port. With WASSP’s technology they can now do intermittent surveys for maintenance. Being the only affordable complete Turn-Key MBES currently on the market, WASSP has made it possible for small ports to have their own complete portable survey system. Several small Danish ports are already using WASSP products for this purpose.

Source: wassp