A Section of Carrum Beach Subject to Serious Erosion will be ‘Renourished’

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Posted August 21, 2017

A STRETCH of beach at Carrum has been so eroded the steps down from the path lead straight to the water.

With plans to replenish the beach in April shelved, there is now barely any sand left.

But the Department of Land, Environment, Water and Planning and Parks Victoria have promised up to 11,000 cubic metres of sand will be dumped on that stretch of foreshore in the next few weeks.

Previous plans to place 5000 cubic metres of sand — to come from a scheduled Patterson River dredging program — were put on hold after the dredging didn’t go ahead.

“DELWP is working with Parks Victoria to use this month’s scheduled dredge to introduce 7000 to 11,000 cubic metres of sand to the eroded section of Carrum Beach at the Patterson River mouth,” DELWP Port Phillip Region coastal programs manager John Downs said.

“The extent of the beach renourishment near the river mouth will depend on how much sand is available, and where it can be located to best improve erosion protection and public amenity.”

Carrum and Patterson Lakes forum founder Cameron Howe said the northern section of Carrum’s foreshore suffered regular, severe erosion with the base of a stairway and rock wall now exposed.

“In terms of sand movement, Carrum is considered to be one of the most dynamic beaches, and fortunately the dredging of Patterson River provides a cost effective method for undertaking beach renourishment,” Mr Howe said.

“Carrum was identified by DELWP as a beach facing problematic issues with erosion, and residents are looking forward to the program commencing.”

Parks Victoria’s latest dredging of Patterson River should occur this month, with the sand to arrive at Carrum beach within a couple of weeks.

Mr Downs said another renourishment would take place in front of the Carrum Surf Lifesaving Club in October in conjunction with Parks Victoria’s dredging program, provided enough sand was available.

Source: Herald Sun