Kruse Integration Announces User-friendly DQM Interface Package

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Posted July 13, 2017

Kruse Integration, an industry leader in dredge automation, announces a new system to keep pipeline dredging operations in compliance with the National Dredging Quality Managment Program monitored by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Working closely with the Army Corp DQM division, Kruse Integration has developed a user-friendly DQM interface package that meets all required specs with nonproprietary software and hardware. KruseDQM works seamlessly with all instrumentation and PLCs and works independent of any selected positioning software system.

KruseDQM features include:

- Quick and easy install, setup and configuration

- User friendly, intuitive graphics interface for events entry

- Dredge Specific System (DSS) computer as well as DQM ship server and UPS

- A complete Dredge Plant Instrumentation Plan

- . (DPIP) is supplied with the system

- Uses non-proprietary software and works independently of your current postioning software

- Complies with required data backup and - recovery issues upon disconnect

- Provides ongoing sensor maintenance and logs throughout life of contract

- System includes instrumentation, setup, calibration, and user friendly graphics

- Connects to any GPS receiver via serial port or ethernet

- Communication drivers for all PLC brands included. For dredge systems not equipped with a PLC, an instrument box with an A/D converter is included.

Kruse Integration provides initial field calibration and startup, and onsite setup and training.

Source: kruse integration