New IoT Solutions Partnership Formed

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Semtech’s LoRa devices will be the foundation for Wilhelmsen’s new global 2.4GHz maritime IoT network. Image: Semtech/ Wilhelmsen

Posted January 7, 2020

Three companies are working together to help deliver cost-effective, robust and proven IoT solutions to the maritime shipping industry.

Semtech Corporation, a supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, Wilhelmsen and The Things Industries (TTI) have partnered, with Semtech’s LoRa devices selected as the foundation for Wilhelmsen’s new global 2.4GHz maritime IoT network.

Jon Helge Ulstein, senior project manager at Wilhelmsen, said: “This new system is expected to benefit our customers immediately and is a step towards autonomous vessels and industry 4.0.

“Spearheaded by Wilhelmsen’s ship management division, this new IoT platform will be utilised to deliver, among other things, digital condition monitoring, asset tracking and logistical applications. This goes hand in hand with the group’s onboard app store project, ShipOS, headed by RaaLabs.”

Traditionally, sensor data on ships is carried through wired systems, or managed via periodic manual readings. However, LoRa-based wireless sensors can monitor many variables, including condition of machinery, fuel efficiency, environmental metrics, and cargo, and this data is used to conduct preventive maintenance.

An established tool in the onshore manufacturing sector, predictive maintenance decreases the risk of vessel idle time due to repair or incidents. In addition, the system can optimise the performance of processes, reducing manpower, waste, and cost.

Wilhelmsen chose TTI to develop its IoT platform which allows Wilhelmsen to tap into an existing global ecosystem of vendors and service providers, providing access to a marketplace of certified sensors, hardware designers, systems integrators, and application developers.

By Rebecca Jeffrey