Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Chair says no official notice given that executive director may leave

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Sam Burns

Posted December 12, 2019

OGDENSBURG – Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Chairman Sam Burns says no official notification has been received that Executive Director Wade Davis is leaving the authority.

Burns said no action was taken Thursday regarding the director position.

“At yesterday's regular OBPA meeting no action was taken regarding Executive Director Wade Davis. When the Board receives official notification from Mr. Davis that he is leaving his position then the Personnel Committee will meet and discuss future actions,”

Burns said further updates on the matter would come from him.

Davis confirmed recently that he has been selected to run the Shreveport, Louisiana Airport Authority, subject to approval by the city. His nomination is on the Shreveport City Council’s agenda for their meeting Tuesday, Dec. 10.

“I am honored to lead an engaged team composed of the Authority's Board of Directors and management staff and to realize what an outsized impact that we've had on so many in Northern New York. I would specifically like to thank everyone who supported so many successful economic initiatives throughout my many years of Authority service. This includes my wonderful wife Julie, our three children, and my extended family who have been my advisors and support for so many years," Davis said.

Source: northcountrynow.com