Maryland Port Authority has Open Bid for Innovative Reuse and Beneficial Use of Dredged Material

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Posted December 5, 2019

Innovative Reuse and Beneficial use of dredged material is an advancing activity and opportunity to assist with capacity recovery in Maryland’s Dredged Material Management Program.

This RFP sets forth a two-phase process which will include the submission of concept proposals initially, and if requested by MDOT MPA, submission of technical and financial proposals for evaluation that may lead to contract agreement. Concept proposals (see Section 2) are not due by any particular date or time. Instead, the procurement will be a continuing effort; the MDOT MPA will hold open indefinitely the time within which concept proposals may be submitted, subject to the exhaustion of the funds available for contract awards. During that time, concept proposals may be submitted at such time (or times) as an offeror chooses, and the MDOT MPA may consider a concept proposal at any time. After considering a concept proposal, the MDOT MPA may request that an offeror submit a full proposal (consisting of a technical and financial proposal). A full proposal is only to be submitted upon MDOT MPA request. The MDOT MPA may make an award on any full proposal submitted at any time (subject to funding and any necessary approvals). The MDOT MPA may award a contract under this solicitation to offerors submitting full proposals judged by the MDOT MPA to be worthy of award of a contract (see Sections 2 and 3 of this RFP). Offerors are not in competition with each other; an award to one offeror will not preclude an award to another. The MDOT MPA reserves the right to award no contracts as a result of this solicitation, and the MDOT MPA reserves the right to award multiple contracts as a result of this solicitation.