Campbell Co. voters pass referendum to dredge Timber Lake

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FILE - Timber Lake (WSET)

Posted November 24, 2019

CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WSET) -- Voters who live at Timber Lake are celebrating after decades of trying to dredge the lake to remove excess mud and silt.

More than 150 landowners will pay more in taxes to fund the process.

A two-thirds majority vote of the landowners owning two-thirds of the land was required to pass the referendums.

Members of the Timberlake Homeowner's Association say the project will cost an estimated $550,000.

Several have said they're glad to help fund it, amid concerns the build up was lowering property values.

Campbell County has not yet established their tax rate. They'll have to choose a lender and contractor as well.

"It means great things for our conservation efforts of dredging the lake and keeping it clean and preserving the lake and what we have here as homeowners," said D.D. Gillette, president of the Timberlake Homeowner's Association. "So we're very excited about it."

The project is expected to start by the beginning of March and take six to eight weeks.