Royal IHC launched DRAGA 20: BIJAO

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Posted November 20, 2019

Recently we launched DRAGA 20: BIJAO, an electric, dismountable wheel dredger for Mineros Aluvial SAS, a gold mining company in Colombia. The dredger is designed to remove overburden by dredging to expose gold bearing sediments. With a total power of 800kVA the dredger is capable to operate to a dredging dept of 15 meters and is fitted with a dredging wheel to handle the sticky clay of the overburden.

The name of the dredger DRAGA 20: BIJAO refers to the ancient name of El Bagre, the municipality where Mineros Aluvial has its operational facilities. This will be the 8th dredger of Mineros’ fleet of that is build be Royal IHC, demonstrating Royal IHC's strong relationship with Mineros.

The launch of the dredger marks an important milestone in the project. The dredger will be further finalised and commissioned at the quay side at the IHC’s shipyard in Kinderdijk. Finally the vessel will be shipped to Colombia where it is expected to arrive in February 2020. #mining#dredger#colombia#gold