Sand renourishment for Apollo Bay and Marengo

Posted November 12, 2019

More sand is being poured onto the beach across Apollo Bay and Marengo.

It is to help stabilise the coastal foreshore which is being impacted by naturally occurring coastal erosion.

Up to 10,000 cubic metres of sand will be carted from the Harbour end and Wild Dog Creek over 20 days.

Spotters will also be on site to ensure the safety of locals and fauna such as Hooded Plovers, while resident and visitors are being reminded to take care and observe warning signs during the works due to trucks moving up and down the beach.

This is the second round of sand carting completed on the beaches and is funded by the State Government through the Coastal Environments Program that has provided $400,000 to the Otway Coast Committee to undertake storm repair works and protect assets at Apollo Bay.