Dredging at Crowdy Head boat ramp

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Posted November 12, 2019

Crowdy Harbour boat ramps will be dredged and the sand transferred to a section of eroded foreshore nearby.

MidCoast Council says sand has built up and is impacting the depth of all four boat ramps within the harbour.

Council plans to begin the dredging on Monday, November 11 and the work will take about four days. Boat ramps at the harbour will be closed at different times as a result.

At least one ramp will remain open while the work is being completed, to enable vessels to access the harbour.

Along with the dredge, a pipeline will be set up to transfer the sand to the targeted area of foreshore and this area will be fenced off during the project.

"We have a number of dredging operations happening at Harrington Back Channel and Crowdy Head at the moment, which will be welcome news for locals and visiting boaties," MidCoast Council's director of liveable communities, Paul De Szell said.

"Dredging the ramps within the harbour will improve water quality and help with navigation in and out of the harbour, while the excess sand will replenish an area of the foreshore that really needs it."

Council consulted with recreational fishing groups and other regular users of the boat harbour who were in support of the dredging.

"We've ensured at least one ramp will remain open at all times during the works so there will be as little impact as possible to users."

For more information about council's dredging activities, including the Harrington Back Channel project which deposits to the southern end of Manning Point Beach, head to www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au/dredging

Source: manningrivertimes.com.au