Dredger of the Month: Middelburg

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Middelburg Vlissingen. Credit: Bert Visser

Posted November 7, 2019

An unfinished, abandoned ship hull was given another chance to life and turned into a trailing suction hopper dredger for sand mining company Van Ouwerkerk

The Dutch province of Zeeland is home to several companies that deal with the mining of marine sand. One of them is Van Ouwerkerk, which has recently added another vessel to its fleet and decided to name its latest acquisition, a 2,400?m3 trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD), after the capital of the province and hometown of the company: Middelburg.

DPC spoke with Ronald van Ouwerkerk, owner and director of the company, who explained that the primary reason for the purchase of Middelburg was to serve as replacement of the aging 1955-built TSHD Vlieree. But on top of that, the vessel is also meant to increase the company’s production capacity. It is about two and a half times bigger than the 950?m3 Vlieree and provides much more operational flexibility.

Besides Middelburg, Van Ouwerkerk’s dredging fleet also comprises the 1,143?m3 TSHD Hydra and the plain suction dredger (SD) Polaris.

Source: dredgingandports.com