Digital Navigation Solutions Companies Merge

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Posted November 7, 2019

Two leaders in global digital navigation solutions have merged to create a new company which will offer the largest range of navigation and compliance solutions into the maritime sector.

The merger of ChartCo and Marine Press has seen the creation of a new company called OneOcean.

Nicholas Bourque, president of Marine Press, said: “OneOcean will have, by far, the largest R&D capability in the sector and will offer the most innovative solutions for maritime compliance and digital navigation. The technology roadmap that the combined group is working on is really exciting, building on ‘best in class’ solutions from both organisations, and will take ship management into a new digital era.”

OneOcean’s investment in innovation aims to drive the maritime sector forward, with the overall aim of reinforcing safer, cleaner and more efficient working practices throughout the shipping industry.

During the coming months, the two companies will transition to a single OneOcean business operation. Until then, existing sales and service operations of both ChartCo and Marine Press will continue, and customer operations will remain unchanged.

OneOcean will be the largest single digital solutions company in the maritime industry, serving almost 20,000 vessels and a variety of shore-based stakeholders.

By Rebecca Jeffrey