Sebring to seek bids on Veterans Beach projects

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The City of Sebring will seek bids soon on repairs and additional work at Veterans Beach. MARC VALERO/STAFF

Posted October 29, 2019

SEBRING — The bid will be going out soon on repairs at Veterans Beach to the areas damaged by Hurricane Irma.

The storm washed away a seawall and part of the parking lot at the popular park, on the west side of Lake Jackson, that features the often utilized boat ramp.

The parking spaces that were lost were particularly useful for vehicles with boat trailers. The city owns the parking lot across the street, which is being used for those going to Veterans Beach.

City Manager Scott Noethlich said they are hoping to get the bid out for the project by the end of the week.

Along with the bid for repairs to the seawall, the bid will include an alternate bid for the construction of a floating platform at the end of the pier that would rise and fall with the lake level, he said. People could pull their boats up to the floating platform for loading and unloading.

“We really have no idea right now what that is going to come in from a cost perspective so we want Council to be able to indicate if we have to funds to do it or don’t at this point in time,” Noethlich said.

The parking lot work, including resurfacing, will all be done through the City’s continuing services agreement with Excavation Point, Inc., he said.

“We are doing some additional work in the parking lot — opening it up some more so that hopefully it will allow for better circulation and maybe a little more parking,” Noethlich said.

The City received some insurance money and funds from FEMA, which will pay for some of the work, but not the resurfacing of the parking lot, he said.

“We were already looking at doing some work to that parking lot — opening it up and trying to create a better circulation pattern before Irma,” Noethlich said. The proposed floating platform/pier is not part of the insurance or FEMA funding.

A portion of the pier structure that was damaged by the storm, to the right of the boat ramp, has already been repaired, he added.

Polston Engineering created the plans and specifications for the rebuilding/repair project.