Wind and Waves Sweep New Jersey Shore and Take Huge Chunks of Sand Away

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Posted October 17, 2019

The high tides and strong winds that lashed the shores of New Jersey over the weekend took something with them. The weather conditions that pummeled the shores from Thursday through Sunday caused massive soil erosion. The severity varied along the coastline, each one more visible than the last.

Some parts of the beach lost comparatively little sand, while others lost noticeably large cliffs which were dredged onto the side. These chunks that made the cliffs used to be large ridges that flanked the beach during the summer months.

Stewart Farrell, a researcher from Stockton University and the director of the Coastal Research Center of Stockton University, is now a renowned beach expert. He said that all the oceans that surround the state will eventually flatten as an aftereffect of the wind and the waves. Through the years, the sand along the coast has shifted towards the sea into about 10 feet underwater. Farell also said that everyone can expect that these deposits of sand will eventually form offshore bars in the coming weeks. He also emphasized that the beaches have lost their summer ridges due to harsh weather conditions. However, he also said that some of the sand that has been washed off into the ocean will be returned by wave action.

Farrell also revealed that the northeastern part of the barrier islands, except that part that flank Long Beach Island, had taken what is considered a significant hit of a massive scale.