Dredging At Berkeley's Sloop Creek Begins Next Week

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The New Jersey Department of Transportation will begin Sloop Creek dredging next week. (Renee Schiavone/Patch)

Posted October 17, 2019

Dredging to improve navigation in parts of the Metedeconk River is finishing about 2 months early, officials said.

BERKELEY, NJ — Navigation dredging is set to begin shortly in Sloop Creek, the New Jersey Department of Transportation announced.

Dredging work on the Metedeconk Channels of the Metedeconk River was completed ahead of schedule. So the state is utilizing its existing contract with H&L Contracting to dredge in Sloop Creek and the Lavalette Channel. Sloop Creek dredging is set to run from Oct. 24 through Dec. 31, NJDOT said.

The state had permits ready to do the work, which allowed them to add two sites that otherwise would have had to wait until next summer, officials said.

H&L Contracting will mechanically dredge the channels to an authorized depth of five feet below mean low water, with one foot of allowable over-dredge. Dredging operations will take place 24-7, so channel use may be limited where the excavator barges are located. Channel closures aren't expected, but that's subject to change.

Boaters are warned that State Aids to Navigation (ATON) will be removed when necessary in Sloop Creek during the project. All mariners, including those utilizing human-powered craft, should be especially alert to project equipment, much of which will be continuously moving. Updates to the Local Notice to Mariners should be expected as the project progresses.

The public is advised to stay alert to the construction equipment, buoys, barges and other equipment at this time. State officials urge that no one approach the construction site or any related project equipment under any circumstances, whether or not active dredging operations are observed.

The Metedeconk Creek project restored the following state channels in Barnegat Bay to their authorized depth: Upper Metedeconk River Channel (6 feet), Green Cove Channel (5 feet), Beaver Dam Creek North and South (5 feet), Bay Head Channel, Winter Yacht Basin, Kettle Creek-Sailors Quay (5 feet) and Kettle Creek (5 feet) with 1 foot of allowable over-dredge, respectively. These channels were severely impacted, creating shoals and limiting navigation, by Superstorm Sandy.

With reporting from Karen Wall/Patch

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