Big boost for Philadelphia Shipyard

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Posted October 15, 2019

Philadelphia, PA — On the same day that the Secretary of the Navy visits Harrisburg to dedicate a ship in the capital city’s honor, he is also making a stop in Philadelphia to announce a major overhaul of the port.

“Today is a bright day for us,” said one Philadelphia Ship Yard worker.

Over the past few years, the Philadelphia Shipyard has been a sinking ship. According to the Wall Street Journal, the shipyard lost $44 million and laid off 800 workers and contractors in 2018. The U.S. Government is trying to breathe new life into the port, believing this could be an economic boom for the entire state.

“I think the potential is great. I really am. I am looking for capacity in both build and repair and you could do both,” said Richard Spencer, Secretary of the Navy.

And this could be just the beginning. Besides repair and refurbish work, the U.S. government hopes to dump construction money for new ships into this port in the near future. Ships like the newly announced USS Harrisburg could be built here in the future.

“The vision is to take what might take 10 or 15 years and compress it down into half that or less,” said Dr. Peter Navarro, White House Assistant to the President.

Dr. Navarro, along with the Spencer, toured the facility today to see the two ship, $20 million contract in action.

“This just gives us more capacity. What the Philly shipyard proves is that not only are they ship builders but they are ship maintainers,” Spencer said.

A booming port would be a win-win for American workers and American safety.

“Everything is working beautifully. Everyone working together in management, government in business,” Dr. Navarro said.

The two ship contract is the test run for the Philadelphia shipyard. If all goes well, more maintenance contracts could come bringing with it more jobs. The Secretary says there is no reason why Philadelphia can’t make a ship like the USS Harrisburg, which is being made in Mississippi, in the near future.