DSC newest dredge "Sharkuda" contains two innovative patent designs

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Posted October 15, 2019

Did You Know... DSC leads the way in dredging innovation and strives to be on the cutting edge of useful improvements that change the way dredging is performed. Through the years, dredges have changed and DSC has helped make both dredges and the dredging industry more automated and efficient while adapting these changes to work in tandem with other new technology. Our newest dredge design holds two US patents: (1) walking spud carriages and (2) wide format swinging ladder. Both can be found on our newest dredge class, the SHARKUDA™. DSC engineers imagined a dredge that continually moves forward, without cables and the first of its kind is currently underway. Check out a little #BehindTheScenes peek as these innovative walking spud carriages go through the testing process at our Reserve facility.

Walking Spud Carriages - U.S. Patent 10,287,748


Source: linkedin.com