Georgia Ports Authority: The industry has added 12,000 new jobs to the state this year

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Posted September 16, 2019

The Georgia Ports Authority says it plans on expanding by adding a new cargo port on Hutchinson Island in the coming years

Business is booming at the Port of Savannah.

The port is the third largest gateway in the country in volume and expansion.

This year, the state of Georgia added 29,000 new jobs.

Almost half of those new jobs are tied to the Port of Savannah expansion.

“We need people to move here to support this job growth,” said Georgia Port Authority Executive Director Griff Lynch.

The Port of Savannah is growing quickly.

In just three years, the port increased the movement of twenty foot equivalent container units by 25 percent, and the port rivals gateways like New York and Los Angeles with cargo volumes.

“I think the important part to recognize here... is the jobs this port is going to create going forward across the state of Georgia," said Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan at the 2019 State of the Ports.

The growth has created 12,000 new jobs, and Georgia Port officials said there are more opportunities on the horizon.

GPA will complete the first phase of its Mason Mega Rail Line early next year- with a dual rail service sending cargo to Chicago in less than three days.

It also plans on creating a new container port on Hutchinson Island, expanding cargo warehouse space, and adding 12 new crane fleets by 2027.

“When a new distribution opens, when a new manufacturing plant sets up shop, or a new customer begins to call on the port, new jobs begin to be created," said Governor Brian Kemp at the State of the Ports.

They'll need the man power to do it.

WJCL asked executive director Griff Lynch if he has an estimate for the number of new jobs that could be created from the new projects.

He didn’t have an exact number, but he said there will be plenty.

“There’s a lot of jobs. There is a lot of expansion happening, and we’re enjoying that. The Georgia Ports is hiring as quickly as we can," said Lynch.

So far this year, $5 billion dollars have been invested in Georgia Ports.

For more information on opportunities at Georgia Ports, visit the link below:

The Georgia Ports Authority says it wants a new container port on Hutchinson Island, and that may mean raising the Talmadge Bridge.

A preliminary timeframe calls for the project to be complete by 2030.

The announcement came during Thursday's State of the Port event in Savannah.

Ports officials are working with the Army Corps of Engineers to determine if it's feasible to raise the bridge.

More concrete details will be available on the project next year, officials say.

Check back for more information from Thursday's event.