Early-bird deadline for National Coastal Conference is Sept. 28

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Posted September 5, 2019

Summer is drawing to a close, and while that thought tends to brings us down, the closing of the summer also means we are getting close to the annual National Coastal Conference!

The National Coastal Conference is not only a place that you can learn the latest science, engineering and policy on all sorts of things like living shorelines, coastal resilience, beach and dune processes, sediment resources and management, and coastal/shore protection; it also provides an opportunity to catch up with old friends and acquaintances in the industry.

This year’s conference is com- ing along splendidly. Myrtle Beach is going to be a fantastic venue. The draft program has been released; the plenary session is set; the field trip is coming along; and we are putting the finishing touches on a new event this year, a Mini-Golf Tournament. Not only is Myrtle Beach known for its pristine and beautiful golf courses, it’s also known for its mini-golf — and this year ASPBA is hosting its first “Inter-Discipline” Mini Golf Tournament. Compete as a member of your professional discipline (engineer, geologist, biologist, or government affairs), and with your favorite foursome.

While the conference preparations are moving along nicely, we wanted to let you know that we are still looking for abstract submittals for posters due Sept. 13. Please note that in addition to our usual content of coastal science and engineering, policy and management, restoration and resilience, this year ASBPA’s conference has a dedicated session on flood risk and resource management within coastal flood- plains. Poster abstracts on all of these topics are welcome.

We also want to remind you that the National Coastal Conference offers short courses on two of the 10 subjects that make up the Certified Coastal Practitioner accreditation through the Coastal Zone Foundation. This year, the Coastal Engineering and Communications modules will be offered. Options for registering for these courses are offered when you register for the conference at www.asbpa.org

Finally, we want to remind our members that we are still accepting nominations for student awards (Sept. 13 deadline), which will be announced at the conference. These awards include the ASBPA Student Educational Award, the Nicholas Kraus Coastal Scholar Award and the Student Coastal Advocate Award.

The ASBPA Student Educational Award is presented to an undergraduate or graduate student who, through his or her research, is furthering the science of coastal or riverine systems as it relates to the goals and mission of the ASBPA. The award includes a $500 cash stipend and registration to the National Coastal Conference.

The Nicholas Kraus Coastal Scholar Award is presented to a graduate student who aspires to advance his or her knowledge and experience of coastal or riverine science through an internship with ASBPA. The winner will become the dedicated intern for the ASBPA’s Science and Technology Committee and receive a $600 cash stipend.

The Student Coastal Advocate Award is presented to a graduate or undergraduate stu- dent who aspires to advance his or her knowledge of and experience in federal coastal pol- icy and advocacy through an intern- ship with ASBPA.

The winner will become the dedicated intern for the ASBPA’s Government Affairs Committee and receive a $600 cash stipend. Nominations are due for all three awards by Sept. 13. Submit your application via the online form. We hope you are looking forward to this year’s National Coastal Conference as much as we are. Looking forward to seeing y’all in Myrtle Beach.

Source: coastalnewstoday.com