Historic Bass River dredging to begin in Q3

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Boston cityscape overlooking the Bass River. Credit: Getty Images

Posted August 13, 2019

The Bass River, in Massachusetts, will be dredged for the first time in 60 years under the terms of a new USD1.4 million grant to the City of Beverley from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development – Massachusetts Dredging Program.

Phase 1 of the undertaking, due to begin in autumn of this year, involves dredging the river’s ‘lower’ section, reaching from the Bass River entrance on the Danvers River to the Hall Whittaker Bridge.

This will be followed by Phase 2, which includes dredging the area north of Bridge Street, which is slated for completion by the end of winter 2020.

The river was last dredged over 60 years ago by the Massachusetts Department of Public Works (MA DPW) in 1955.

By the time the new project is complete, a footprint of some 17.8 acres (4 square kilometres) will have been dredged along the river, with current grant funding allowing it to be dredged to a depth of 9 feet (2.8m) at mean low water within the area designated as Phase 1, and 6 feet (2m) in the area designated as Phase 2.

Source: dredgingandports.com