The Company Behind Mr. Trash Wheel is Working with Yamaha on a New Device in Georgia

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Captain Trash Wheel is at the helm of anti-pollution efforts in South Baltimore. (Photo via Twitter)

Posted July 1, 2019

By Stephen Babcock, Baltimore

The inventor of Baltimore’s much-loved Mr. Trash Wheel is working with the marine unit of Yamaha to develop a new debris-collecting device in coastal Georgia.

Pasadena, Md.-based Clearwater Mills is working with the Yamaha Rightwaters sustainability program and Yamaha Marine on a device that will be designed for use in the Brunswick, Ga., area, said Clearwater Mills President John Kellett, who runs the company that he created after inventing the device with five employees working out of a marina.

It marks an expansion for the trash-collecting concept, which Kellett has long championed as repeatable in other places. In Baltimore, the solar-powered, water wheel that gobbled up dumpsters full of trash debuted at a pollution-filled Inner Harbor outfall, and collected 1,200 tons of debris. It has since sprouted additional companions in Canton (Professor Trash Wheel) and South Baltimore’s Masonville Cove (Captain Trash Wheel). It’s also an international sensation, thanks to googly eyes, lots of press and the What Works Studio-created social media accounts and personality.