Expansion of Liebherr Facility Scheduled for Completion in 2020

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Posted April 11, 2019

The final piece of structural steel was installed at the Liebherr USA, Co. new headquarters building, and work is on schedule for completion in 2020. The project will house Liebherr USA, Co. employees working in administration, finance, marketing, human resources, sales and service, product support, production and distribution for nine product units.

Members of the Liebherr family, executive management and Newport News city officials gathered in July 2018 to celebrate the groundbreaking of the $45 million project. Since then, construction has continued without significant delays. Curtain walls are being installed, vertical metal stud framing is underway and the building’s weather barrier is being placed. Floors and windows will be installed next.

Concrete aprons on the east and south sides of the warehouse will provide outdoor storage for large components such as counter weights, track chains and sticks. The south apron will also feature a large canopy for inbound and outbound freight staging. A two-story office and conference room for managers and staff will be located on the warehouse’s south side.

Liebherr’s Houston, Texas-based mobile and crawler cranes workshop has also outgrown its capacity. The division is opening a second workshop for cranes and construction equipment in Newport News to accommodate a growing East Coast customer base. The mobile and crawler cranes division will have three stations to service and repair equipment.

When completed, the new buildings will add more than 251,000 square feet to the company’s existing 560,000 square foot campus. The existing four-story administration building will be retained, renovated and fully occupied by Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News, Co. Liebherr‘s manufacturing of large mining gauge trucks will continue in Newport News.

Source: dredgemag.com