Huge sandbar to be removed from Tenn-Tom Waterway

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Posted April 1, 2019

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the administrator of the tenn-tom waterway development authority says that the u.s. army corps of engineers could begin work on that sand bar blocking waterway traffic in aberdeen this friday. lets go live to wayne hereford in aberdeen near the lock and dam where he says an army corps of engineers vessel was near the site today. behind is something that waterway development authority administrator mitch mays says we have never seen before. that is a sand bar this big on the waterway. its so big in fact , traffic has been halted on the waterway which causes a lot of problems not only for recreational watercraft but commercial as well. he says the huge island-like sand bar is the result of recent flooding which brought sand and debris into the waterway from nearby creeks and tributaries. but he says the army corps of engineers which had a survey vessel near the aberdeen lock earlier today checking out the sand bar, should be in here by friday dredging out the sand bar. that , he says should be something to behold. he also admits that the unusual sand bar is bad for business on the waterway. "we had other areas along the waterway that had shoaling as well. not to the degree that they have in aberdeen. those other areas are passable. but the bar across the channel below the aberdeen lock and dam is impassable to all traffic right now." mays says the corps has emergency channels opened up but they are bringing in a larger dredge which was around demopalis yesterday which will pump all of the sediment onto land to make the channel passable. but he says traffic on the waterway at that time will be like going from a four-lane to a two-lane highway. reporting live in aberdeen at the tenn-tomm lock and dam i'm wayne hereford . one historical